Katalin Hanappi is a Vienna based film director. She started working for television at the age of thirteen as the anchor of a youth news format on the Austrian national broadcast ORF.

She grew up in Austria, the U.S., United Kingdom and Canada. Always with her head in books, enrolling in creative writing- and photography classes and constantly realizing plays and short films just for fun, her passion naturally grew into a profession.

After graduating from university and then film school in 2013, Katalin directed over 3 dozen film projects for broadcast and cinema, most of them in the documentary genre. Her work has taken her across Africa, Oceania, the Americas and Europe. She is accustomed to filming in the most far flung of locations, with wild animals and ambitious set-ups.

Katalin Hanappi is known for her exceptionally sensitive and intuitive approach to challenging stories.

In 2015 she received the Austrian „Best 30 under 30“ journalism award.